Looking pro is half the battle.

Looking pro is half the battle.


So it went something like this:

90km race, cool, bit over a couple of hours, no problem. Race starts, wow this is slow, but I guess we’ll see how long this goes on for. Start chatting up the back of the bunch about how slow this is. Realise a team mate just took off on the front… stuff it, I didn’t come here to chat, full gas!!!

A whole lot of hurt then ensued for the next couple of hours, but what an amazing feeling it is when you realise the bunch isn’t going to catch you. Even ignoring the end result (can I beat these guys in a sprint now?), knowing that you worked together and snuck away, minutes and minutes ahead of everyone else is incredibly satisfying.

What hurts more than 70km in a break away? Having both your calves cramp during the sprint at the end of the 70km break away.

Winning the sprint and bagging 2nd eased the pain!